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Readers respond to J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu's "Did Jesus Wear Designer Robes?"

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Mike Barefield, USA

December 28, 2009  11:23am

It is sad that the prosperity gospel has left the "west" and infected the "east". I am reminded of Rev 3 speaking to the church of the Laodiceans, where the statement is made - "Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’—and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked." I don't believe God is against wealth or prosperity by any means, but I also don't see any evidence of the prosperity gospel being something spoken of in a positive way in scripture. How about the focus being on the "harvest" of souls, instead of the "harvest" of wealth? When Jesus said in John 4, " I say to you, lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are already white for harvest!.", I don't think He was talking about a big offering or a big business deal. Let's be about the prime directive and not let our attention become focused on worldly goods which are so short lived and then eternity. Thanks for this article.

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David Hausmann, Switzerland

December 14, 2009  3:29pm

Not an easy subject... Often we have failed to exercice the gitf of discernement, distinguishing between spirits (1 Cor. 12:10). I have discovered that some sufferings are to be dealt with in the name of Christ and we stupidly accepts them. Some are to be embraced and we strongly refuse them. For sure, God is a good God and His provision is sufficient to face the pains of this present world (1 Pet. 5:6-7). Saying that, I would not to easily throw the first stone on the african prosperity preachers...

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Pastor Pitshou Moleka, DR Congo

December 06, 2009  12:24pm

I think according to Ephesians 1,15 to 22, the church is above all powers and authorities with his Lord. So by his power, christain church as the primitive did it, must works for the well being of all poors in the world specially in Africa where after 4seconds one person dies.

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James Martin, USA

November 28, 2009  12:49am

What struck me was the professor who stated that these preachers connect with the people in that they bring "hope." It is a false hope based on a lie. So what happens to those people when the house of cards collapses and they realize that all they have done is to enrich the clergy? Apart from playing with the most sensitive spiritual emotions of people ( which is horrendous enough), this movement drains communities of the few financial resources that they could use to develop a better life for themselves. I don't not believe in hell, but this video presents a pretty compelling argument as to why there should be some sort of punishment (not necessarily eternal burning) from God for this wholesale fraud on credulous and sincere people.

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Marcos Antonio Ferreira, Brasil

November 25, 2009  5:19am

I do praise the idea of have a time to join hands and knologe to expande the gospel of Cristh and not man's. That is the key, if we can set togheter and not be involved in "theology" discutions but on a conversation that will put us in partinership to find ways to reach the lost as fast we can with the Word of God (Jesus Cristh as the only savior and lord)

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Francis Vitalis Arthur Rj., USA

November 23, 2009  4:39pm

I have high praise for any group of people who choose to have a council to discus any theology that is different. This is consistent with the Jerusalem council. However, many questions come to mind. Example: In the Jerusalem council, the apostles could make a legitimate decision since they literally walked and talked with Jesus. In our Era, who is qualified to make such a decision? Once that decision is made how then will if affect a change? We have one bible, but 2000 sects of Christian denominations each claiming to tell the truth, and none of them have authority to affect a change in the other.

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Pastor Andy Sodestrom, USA

November 22, 2009  8:49pm

Amir, You pose a question that is a bit ambiguous. If you are asking for a comparison of terrorism and imperialism, then they are quite different. Terrorism is typically understood as the use of violent acts which are intended to create fear for ideological purposes, quite often perpetrated on random victims. Imperialism is when one state exerts control over another state or region through political or other means. If you are asking to state the differences between the truth claims of Christianity and Islam then that is a very different question. Either way, your question is really outside the scope of this particular discussion.

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Amir, Afghanistan

November 22, 2009  5:46pm

Can anybody tell me, what is the different between Islamic terrorism and christian imperialism? Both of them changing people's life and culture by imposing their idea of life. for example an Muslim terrorist imposing the 1400 years ago way of life to people and an american christian!! scholar!! sitting in the heart of US writing a prescription for a Muslim convert in arabia or afghanistan how that person has to live as a christian!!! not knowing that Christianity is been in the east for last 2000 years and there is indigenous churches in any single Muslim country. Just you need to open your eyes.

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Pastor Andy Sodestrom, USA

November 21, 2009  9:44am

Well said Christine! Suffering when understood in the context of Jesus life and teaching is truly a gift. Perhaps one that we would not at first request, but when we can experience the power of the Gospel as the way to cope with it rather than eliminate it we can truly embrace it. This truth about the Gospel is certainly part of the "whole" Gospel. How was your teaching received?

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Christine Dillon, Taiwan

November 20, 2009  8:51pm

Last night I spoke to a group at a Presbyterian church in southern Taiwan on, "The present that no body wants." i.e. suffering! The reason I spoke on that topic is that Taiwan too, is increasingly infected with non-biblical ideas. How one can follow Jesus, who promised persecution as an evidence that we are truly his disciples, and then fail to talk about such things is a mystery to me. We discussed the reason that suffering is a gift. It can grow patience, trust, dependence, awareness of weakness, humility, contentment, bring glory to Jesus' name, encourage others to stand firm, and generally grows mature believers as gold going through refining. I would not want the curse of prosperity or the kind of 'blessing' that is offered. I much prefer to accept Jesus' presents which are designed to make my like Him and so bring Him glory.

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Displaying 21–30 of 38 comments.

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