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Readers respond to J. Kwabena Asamoah-Gyadu's "Did Jesus Wear Designer Robes?"

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Andy Sodestrom, USA

November 17, 2009  8:08am

I recently had a long conversation with a dear Ugandan pastor friend who shared his observations about the effects of this practice in his own country. God has called him to minister in the rural villages of Uganda where poverty and disease abound. He described how some of the villagers would save their money for the long trip to the city to pay a pastor for his prayers and blessing. As we talked it became clear that the only difference between paying a local witch doctor for the same services was you saved the cost of transportation. This is an important conversation that needs to include the influences of this distortion of the Gospel has on "the least of these".

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Pastor Mark Chinchen , SouthAfrica

November 16, 2009  1:31am

This Game shed new light on the Romans mocking and scourging of Jesus they beat him dressed him in a purple robe,gave him a Crown of thorns and told him to save himself by mocking Jesus the Romans and Herodian soldiers saw an opportunity to play the King for a day game minner Jesus the son of God,was not simply to be King for the day,for the Cords of death could not hold him by his resurrection he revealed that he was and is King forever

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Pastor Mark Chinchen , SouthAfrica

November 16, 2009  1:19am

Title:The purple robe an aswer to did Jesus wear designer robe by Kwanda Asamoah-Gyadu(Nov 2009 Joy Magazine)The King Forever pg 1151 The new possibility thinkers bible New king James version Robert H. Schuller executive editor Thomas Nelson publisher Printed in the United State of America Jesus Christ was tried before Pontius Pilate in the Roman Praetorium inside the Antonia Fortress Archaeologist have discovered etched into the stone pavement of the praetorium a playing board for the game known among the Roman soldiers was dressed in abeautiful purple robe imported from the City of Colossar where the special purple dye was extracted from seashells.This particular style of robe was reserved for their use.In addition to the robe the King received a Crown,scepter,and anything else he wished including wine,women and Song,but there was one catch at the end of the day the King was put to death This Game sheds new light on the

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Romesh Bulathsinghala, Sri Lanka

November 16, 2009  12:07am

Act 2:44-45 "And all those who had believed were together and had all things in common; and they began selling their property and possessions and were sharing them with all, as anyone might have need." I wonder why we don’t here too many sermons preached on this text? The church at large is no different to the world, the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. On the theme of prosperity on the one hand we have those who preach a prosperity Gospel and on the other hand we have those who oppose it and preach a poverty Gospel. I believe it was Selwyn Hughes who said Christians are like drunkards trying to ride a horse. They fall of one side or the other. I believe we need to preach a balanced Gospel. All God has given us whether plenty or just enough all belong to Him and we are but stewards, therefore be wise stewards & use all He has given for the glory of God.

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Manny Frias, Philippines

November 12, 2009  7:53pm

MAYBE the prosperity gospel is giving hope to certain people and thus providing them with a positive outlook. But maybe they (those who adhere to the prosperity preaching and even the preacher themselves) also need to ask themselves that if prosperity is a sign of God's approval and favor then that would imply that the disciples of the Lord were also NOT favored and UNAPPROVED by God because they live in poverty, pesecutions, sickness and even death. Who now holds more truth (if there is such a word as 'more truth'), the prosperity preachers or the Scriptures?...just a thought.

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Oseias da Silva, UK

November 11, 2009  3:28pm

The Gospel has to be a good news for the poor and whoever accept Jesus as Saviour and Lord. In a secular society it is very easy to relate Christian perspective with secular apporach. Also, in developing countries the theology of prosperity is very suitable, because it promises something that people are so looking for. Unfortunately, they are many christian leaders who are using theology of prosperity to establish their own interest. May God have mercy...

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Alexandre Araujo, USA

November 09, 2009  8:53am

Peter's point is well taken at one level, but perhaps it misses a larger point? Surely we can always find kernels of truth, exceptions to the rule, in nearly all social movements and patterns. It would be unhelpful if the populist damage done by the prosperity gospel were missed or its critique weakened by focusing on exceptions to the rule.

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Alexandre Araujo, USA

November 09, 2009  8:41am

Fascinating discussion by Amos Yong. There are several worthy sociological and cross-cultural insights in his response. I would suggest one additional line of thinkng for consideration: Based on what we know of Jesus' character, life, and social behavior, how do we imagine he would present himself in any given social context, whether Africa or the Americas? Contextualization is an important communication principle. It should not be elevated to the level of Christian virtue. Neither East nor West, North nor South represent what God has in mind through redemption in Christ. I am a servant who should wear simple servant clothing so that I may not compete with the glory of the gospel in the eyes of others.

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Displaying 31–38 of 38 comments.

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