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Michael Jones

June 23, 2010  7:22am

Excellent commentary on why denominations should not go the way of the dinosaur.

Steve W

June 17, 2010  10:38pm

Non-denominal churches are growing while denominational ones are losing members. However where is that growth coming from? Having been in denominational and non-denominational churches, from what I see, the vast majority of the "growth" in non-denominational churches is from folks shifting from denominations or folks church shopping. Hardly a sign of real health.

Milton Haack

June 16, 2010  8:55am

I am disturbed by the thought that denominations are beauty spots when they are really festering boils. Every denomination is the result of contention and disagreement. This started early in the carnal church of Corinth. "I am of Paul, I am of Apollos etc. We noticed that the author didn't quote Scripture to prove his point on denominations. I have a question for him, which denomination does the Bible tell me to belong to?

Jason Smith

June 14, 2010  7:21am

Modern denominations, by and large, tend to be more Pauline than Christian, weakening their message. The Apostles Matthew and John were disciples of Jesus, who heard His teaching daily at first hand. Their writings should be first on the list for any Christian. Instead we hear endlessly "Ephesians.. Corinthians.. Galatians.. Ephesians.. Romans.. Thessalonians.. Galatians.." Concerning the key Damascus Road experience, Acts 9 says Paul fell, and his companions stood. Acts 27 says they all fell. Acts 9 says the companions heard the voice, but Acts 22 actually says they did not hear the voice. Jesus said 'Whoever has my commandments and keeps them, he it is who loves me' (John 14:21). The Paulians reject this as 'works', 'the law'. Jesus said 'Beware of the teachings of the Pharisees'. Paul claimed, years after his Damascus road experience, 'I AM a Pharisee and the son of a Pharisee.' No wonder there is so much confusion..

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John G.

June 12, 2010  9:35am

Michael M, I know where you're headed with your argument -- that we should all return to Catholicism. I won't go into the issues of Mary (she bore the Messiah) and Peter (Jesus did give him the keys to the Kingdom, but didn't commission him as pope), but will deal with the main thrust, to wit, the alleged separation of Christianity. In actuality, true Christians are one in Christ, no matter what label they may wear. The True Church is not contained in any denomination. Christ's true body is not broken. As for Been There, your denomination (not hard to figure out what it is) is extremely separatistic. Not all denominations are so exclusivist in their teachings. In fact, the problem today is just the opposite, that old walls are breaking down, without discernment. But I see this as leading up to the One World Religion of the False Prophet.

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