How Should Christians Measure Success?In a world of instant gratification and surface beauty, bearing fruit that will last.

In the modern world, measurements matter. Newspapers and magazines offer infographics. Congress passes legislation mandating measurable results. And Christians are no strangers to the modern tendency to provide a chart or graph, a documented data set, to demonstrate effectiveness ...

A Working Mom's Reflections on the State of the UnionWhy I support Obama's proposals for increased childcare.
A Working Mom's Reflections on the State of the Union
Robert Couse-Baker flickr

Pundits will argue publicly for the next few days and politicians will argue via legislation for the next few months about President Obama’s sundry proposals in last night’s State of the Union address. But as a working mom, I want to focus on one proposal that ...

Harmony on EarthOn MLK Day, Rethinking Racial Integration
Harmony on Earth

In 1970, a group of African Americans in the small US town of Mount Laurel, New Jersey petitioned township officials to build low-income housing. Led by a young woman named Ethel Lawrence, the group was otherwise forced to live in the crime-ridden metropolitan environment ...

Why We Need Rich ChristiansExcessive wealth isn’t good for anybody, unless it’s used for good for everybody.
Why We Need Rich Christians

Despite some recent economic good news—the unemployment rate is dropping and the economy as a whole has been growing for a while now—plenty of people in America have reason to worry about money. Fifteen percent of the nations live below the poverty line. Nearly ...

Joy in the Bleak MidwinterWhen the weather and the news lead us toward despair, we can still choose to rejoice.
Joy in the Bleak Midwinter
State Farm/flickr


But this winter hasn’t always been so idyllic, at least not here in the Chicago area.

In December, we glumly kept track of how many days it had been since we’d last had direct sunlight. The skies were leaden, and there was no snow. Mud dirtied our sidewalks ...

On Our Daughter’s Ninth Birthday, No Thoughts of Who She ‘Might Have Been’The biggest problem with prenatal testing for Down syndrome.
On Our Daughter’s Ninth Birthday, No Thoughts of Who She ‘Might Have Been’
Melissa Wilson

Penny lucked out this year. To celebrate her ninth birthday, she received both a family party at her grandparent’s house and a party with friends at a local gym to honor her recent fascination with all things gymnastics. Both events looked like what you might expect: ...

When Disability Isn't"By avoiding children like Cory, I avoided the painful confrontation with my own limitations." A guest post by Dorothy Littell Greco
When Disability Isn't
Olga Gerrard/flickr

My nephew Cory just spent the week with us. For 16 hours a day, he neither paused nor stopped. He played board games and Ping-Pong, threw himself on the trampoline, chatted endlessly, and on the final day, learned how to dive. In between slipping into the pool headfirst, ...

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