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Holidays & Events

As we enter this busy holiday season—Thanksgiving, Advent, Christmas—here are a few fresh ideas for planning events and preaching these important Sundays.

Justice & Compassion

As the Christmas season brings to mind opportunities for acts of justice and compassion, read through these articles for a few ways to better meet your community's needs.


“Don’t be conformed to this world,” writes Paul the apostle, “but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” How does a pastor lead a church in this ongoing spiritual formation?
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  • Erwin McManus
    Erwin McManus
    Lead Pastor, Mosaic
  • Larry W. Osborne
    Larry W. Osborne
    Pastor, North Coast Church
  • Andy Stanley
    Andy Stanley
    Founder, North Point Ministries
  • Todd Hunter
    Todd Hunter
    Founding Pastor, Holy Trinity Anglican
  • Matt Branaugh
    Matt Branaugh
    Editor, Church Law & Tax
  • Mark Batterson
    Mark Batterson
    Pastor, National Community Church
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