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Bible Insights

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Kingdom Imagination
What we can learn from Joshua and Caleb
Leroy Barber | 03/04/2013

Top 10 Downloads of 2012
These were your favorite resources in the past year.
JoHannah Reardon | 01/01/2013

Watching and Waiting
Advent reminds us of an even greater event coming.
Ryan Hamm | 12/11/2012

Jesus in His Own Words
In John 14:1, Jesus reassures Thomas when he tells his disciples that he is going away. Let's listen in.
Robert H. Mounce | 10/09/2012

Overwhelmed by God
What we can learn from Moses' story
Leroy Barber | 10/02/2012

Dance in the Rain?
We can't dance until we learn to lament.
Janelle R. Wangle, with Jayleen Wangle | 08/21/2012

What Is Your Heart Worship?
A look at what it means to sing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.
Cynthia Cook | 06/05/2012

He's Risen, Just as He Said
We all have a Mary Magdalene moment.
Anne Peterson | 03/27/2012

Top 10 Downloads of 2011
The Bible studies and Spiritual Formation e-Booklets you downloaded most in the past year.
JoHannah Reardon | 01/10/2012

The Light of Christmas
Lights are a hallmark of the holiday season, but they are not what will ultimately illuminate our hearts.
Stan Guthrie | 12/06/2011

Imagination at Christmas
Because we do not get to see, smell, taste, or touch the events of the gospel story, we must visualize it.
Brad and JoHannah Reardon | 11/29/2011

Why Thanksgiving Matters
Jesus commands our thankfulness. Here's why.
Stan Guthrie | 11/15/2011

A Meditation on Psalm 103
Bless the LORD, O my soul.
R. J. Thesman | 10/04/2011

Bible Study Methods and Applications
A review of Bible study methods and research tools
Rick Sheridan | 07/19/2011

How to Treat One Another
Scripture tells us a lot about interpersonal relationships.
Rich Tatum | 07/12/2011

Obedience and Awe
A meditation on Matthew 14
Dennis Stout | 07/05/2011

The Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life
A worldview from the second Psalm
Dale Ralph Davis | 05/03/2011

Everything Depends on the Resurrection
If Jesus didn't rise from the dead, our hope is in vain.
Keri Wyatt Kent | 04/19/2011

Two Men in the Garden
I find myself there too.
Sam O'Neal | 04/12/2011

Top 10 Downloads of 2010
The Bible studies and Spiritual Formation e-Booklets you downloaded most in the past year.
JoHannah Reardon | 12/28/2010

God's Word Trumps Human Tradition
A true disciple puts God's Word first, not our interpretation of it.
Stan Guthrie | 11/09/2010

Handling Ups and Downs
Perspective on how to thrive when "stuff happens"
Dave DeLuca | 11/02/2010

Run with the Horses
Learning how to live from Jeremiah
Eugene H. Peterson | 06/22/2010

Top 10 Single-Session Bible Studies
These are your favorite one-lesson studies in 2010.
JoHannah Reardon | 06/15/2010

How Excellent Are Thy Names
What God invites us to call him says volumes about his relationship to us.
By Ken Hemphill | 05/18/2010

New Ways People Are Reading the Bible
Current technologies assist churches in getting the Word of God to their congregants.
JoHannah Reardon | 04/06/2010

Top 10 Bible Studies on Love and Marriage
Our most popular studies on these topics
JoHannah Reardon | 01/25/2010

Top 10 Downloads of 2009
The Bible studies and Spiritual Formation e-Booklets you downloaded most in 2009.
JoHannah Reardon | 01/12/2010

Lessons from Jonah
Jonah needed to expand his heart toward others—we do too.
Bonnie McMaken | 08/25/2009

From Snacking to Feasting
Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path. —Psalm 119:105
Kevin G. Harney | 05/13/2009

Joy in Easter Week
Celebrate this phenomenal week with deep appreciation.
JoHannah Reardon | 04/30/2009

Top 10 Studies on Books of the Bible
These are the books of the Bible you were most interested in studying.
by JoHannah Reardon | 04/15/2009

Top 10 Movie Discussion Guides
These 10 movies have explicit spiritual themes.
by JoHannah Reardon | 02/18/2009

Top 10 Bible Studies of 2008
The Bible studies, courses, and movie discussion guides you dowloaded most in the past year—now 25% off..
by Hollie Baker-Lutz | 01/07/2009

More Than Just a Bible Study
Allow God's Word to transform lives as you study together.
by JoHannah Reardon | 09/24/2008

Days of Celebration
Try this quiz to test your knowledge on the Old Testament Jewish festivals.
by Lynn Austin | 06/18/2008

Top 10 Downloads of 2007
by Hollie Baker-Lutz | 01/09/2008

We Revere the Bible More Than We Read It
New research shows a surprising number who follow Christ but don't prioritize time in the Word.
by JoHannah Reardon, Editor | 07/31/2007

Sometimes Big Things Start Small
Saddleback's Small Group Ministry wasn't always a bed of roses.
An Interview with Brett Eastman, Founder and CEO, Lifetogether, Inc. | 06/13/2007

What Do You Know About Scripture?
Take this test to see how much you know.
by Jo H. Lewis and Gordon A. Palmer | 05/16/2007

Using Film Clips in Preaching
Careful choices yield best results.
by Marc T. Newman, Ph.D. | 04/03/2007

Put Your Bible Down for a Day
Let your light shine.
by Dennis Stout | 02/21/2007

7 Ways to Begin a Buzz About Bible Study
Use these ideas to interest others in studying the Bible.
by Church Health Encyclopedia | 01/31/2007

Top Ten Downloads of 2006
We've compiled a list of your favorites from this year.
Holly Hess | 12/27/2006

Opening the Bible for Seekers
Discussion Bible studies are powerful agents of change.
by Marilyn Kunz | 11/15/2006

Overview of the Bible
A summary of what's in the greatest book of all time.
by Jim Townsend | 06/07/2006

The Evangelistic Bible Study: Making It Work
Consider this effective means of evangelism.
by Marilyn Kunz | 04/19/2006

Teaching a Church to Pray
How to have a vital prayer ministry.
by Daniel Henderson | 03/08/2006

Reaching the Disconnected Male
Looking back, Larry Kay says his life was "full of confusion, full of lust and pain, and almost completely void of God."
by Patrick Morley | 10/03/2005

God's Word for 'Up and Outers'
Dallas businessman Garry Kinder's Bent Tree Bible Study isn't a church, but it's no social club either.
By Ginger Kolbaba | 04/06/2005

Top 10 Bible Studies of 2004
What people liked most at
by Cory Whitehead | 01/05/2005

Hide It in Your Heart
Five ways to keep the Bible in mind.
by Debbie Steensland | 08/05/2004

Best-Selling Bible Studies of 2004
What caught your interest.
by Cory Whitehead | 08/05/2004

Top Ten Downloads of 2003
What people liked most at
by Cory Whitehead | 12/18/2003

How to Study the Bible
A congregational tool.
by Todd Wendorff | 11/19/2003

7 Ways to Ignite Passion for Reading the Bible
We need to get back to the Book.
By Kathy Widenhouse | 09/01/2003

 Displaying 1 - 56 of 56 matches.Page: 1 

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