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One-Year Track for New Believers
Help those who are just beginning their discipleship journey become established in their faith through this one-year plan.
JoHannah Reardon | posted 9/07/2010
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One-Year Track for New Believers

I was raised without attending church or having ever cracked open a Bible, except the Gideon New Testament someone gave me as a child. I was quite young and only remember that it had a picture of Jesus in the front. That was the sum total of my biblical knowledge—that Jesus belonged in the New Testament.

It wasn't until many years later that I heard the gospel presented clearly and made the decision to follow Christ. Unfortunately, it wasn't until several years following that decision that someone began to walk through the Scriptures with me, explaining the basics of the faith. When I began to get a grasp of those, my hunger for more was insatiable—I couldn't get enough.

Learn more through our Bible study: One-Year Track for New Believers.

Because of my own background, I'm excited about the new believers' track we've come up with. The result is a nice mix that includes an overview of the Bible, instruction from well-known speakers (Lee Strobel and Bill Hybels), a focus on several of the Gospels and an epistle, a look at the Ten Commandments, zeroing in on Advent and Easter, and, for fun, a few movie discussion guides dotted throughout.

Our hope is that a new believer would be able to work through this on their own, or preferably, with a more mature Christian guiding them throughout. This track will work as a one-on-one discipleship tool, or as a way to guide a whole group of new believers. It is also basic enough that it could be used as an evangelistic tool for those who are truly interested in investigating Christianity. Because of our liberal policy that allows you to make up to 1,000 copies, you could also regularly offer this as a packet for new believers who attend your church.

So, if you are a new believer, or you know a new believer, or you know someone who is seriously interested in investigating the Christian faith, we have developed the following track of Bible studies to provide a strong basis for and overview of faith over the course of a year. We've mapped it to run from fall to fall. You can follow the order we've recommended, or rearrange it according to the time of year that you begin.

And because it would be costly to order the studies individually, we've discounted them as a package by 55%. You will receive the pack of 11 studies for $99.95, a savings from the regular price of $220.95.

Crash Course on the Bible: This 6-session Bible study starts at the beginning and gives an overview that everyone who is going to become a student of the Bible needs to understand. Why do we need both an Old and New Testament? Who are the main characters in the Bible and what significance do they have? Can anybody who isn't a Bible scholar really understand this complex book? The good news is we can. Use this course to help unlock the Bible.

Lee Strobel on Jesus Christ: Lee Strobel has written and taught persuasively about Christ in his books A Case for Christ and A Case for Faith. A skeptic originally, Strobel writes convincingly to help those who have doubts move to faith in Christ. In this 3-session course, he teaches us the basics of what we need to know about Jesus Christ.

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