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Christian History Home > 2004 > Issue 83

Issue 83

The spark that lit the Welsh revival

David Brainerd: I could scarce believe he used me.

Mary: Did You Know?
The Seven Joys of Mary

Mary: From the Editor
Mary and the Flabbergasting Fact

A Kinder Inquisition, Name That Tomb, and Chunky Monks

Recovering a Protestant Mary
A conversation with Timothy George

Hail Mary
Her moment of obedience triggered two millennia of reverence.

That Most Familiar Story
How certain details of the nativity became tradition.

Mary & Her Baby: Luther's View
The Reformer loved to dwell on the nativity. Here are a few of his thoughts.

Mary in the Imagination of the Church

Temple & Sword
At the temple, long before the cross, her son's cruel death pierced Mary.

The Hidden Years
What did Mary do during the youth and ministry of her son?

Mary at the Cross
From three little verses in John has come a rich tradition of song and art.

The Queen Mother?
John seems to tap a Hebrew political tradition to show Mary in an exalted role.

Mary: Recommended Resources
A few good places for Protestants to explore the church's thought on the mother of our Lord.

People Worth Knowing
Discovering devotional masters

Turning Point
The Day God Settled the Bible Question for Billy Graham

The Doctor Who Followed Jesus to Africa

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