Three strategies to avoid a spiritual implosion.

Dear Christian,

I’m concerned about you. I’m concerned about me.

It seems that just about every month I hear stories of church leaders and other Christians who disqualify themselves for leadership because of:


• Adultery

• Addiction (porn, ...

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How do you get over the hurt when people leave your church?
Breaking Up Is Hard To Do
Image: Erick Hodge


With all this exciting news, I was on cloud nine—until I heard that a family that helped start the church had left. Just a week before, they had been serving on ministry teams!

Before I knew it, my cloud-nine experience had all but gone. I felt hurt and angry. ...

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|Gospel of Grace
God knows the best position for you to play in life.
When You Feel Sidelined by God
Image: Google Images

Some years ago, when my son Jeremiah was seven, I coached his flag football team. One of his teammates was an adorable little guy named Max. Max is never going to be mistaken for the next “Mean Joe Green.”

Max is the kind of young man who, if an ambulance went ...

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What picture of the future has God tattooed on your heart?
Seeing the Unseen
Image: Unsplash

As a leader, what picture of the future has God tattooed on your heart concerning the organization you lead?

This soul-tattoo is called vision.

When you have a vision from God, there is an internal pull that you can’t measure. But you know it’s real.

It ...

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That's what I'd like to help us think about in this blog.
What the Church Should Look Like
Image: Erick Hodge
Welcome to “Just Marinating”!

The concept of this name comes from John 15:5, “abide in Christ.” In this context, to marinate means to think about, to meditate on, to dwell on. In this blog, I want to help us think about and meditate on the amazing ...

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Three Practices to Grow as a Leader.
Instead of Building Your Platform, Build Your Character
Erick Hodge

If you’re a pastor or leader, words like “platform” and “influence” are important.

But if we aren’t careful, in our desire to build our platform and influence, the end result will be building our EGO.

As leadership gurus Ken Blanchard ...

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Simple steps we can take to guard our hearts.
Pastor, Five Signs We're in Danger
Mike Blake/REUTERS

I’ve learned a great spiritual lesson from the series, “Lord of the Rings,” that I pray will guide and protect me, my wife and children, and the people I lead at Transformation Church.

In this epic story, Sméagol kills a friend for a special ring ...

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