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Machine Translation

Machine Translation is the use of computer software to translate text from one language into another. Machine translation attempts to take into account the grammatical structure of each language in translating it into another language. However, this is very a complex task, and machine translation is not perfect. The way sentences and phrases are structured in a language may convey an entirely different meaning from the meaning of the words taken individually.

The results obtained from machine translation are often reasonably good, but there will always be inaccuracies to a greater or lesser degree depending on the text being translated and the translation software used. Please keep this in mind when reading translated text at or linked sites.

We have used the following software to offer translations of our site into other languages and other sites into English. Please read each company's FAQs for more specific information on their software.

Babelfish from AltaVista | FAQ

InterTran from Translation Experts Ltd. | FAQ

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