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Leadership Journal 2005

Volume 26

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Sharp Curve AheadSubscriber Access Only

When God began a painful and wonderful transformation in my father's heart and church, I thought I was merely along for the ride.
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Leader's Insight: Mary MomentsSubscriber Access Only

How do you respond to an unexpected call?
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Leader's Insight: Nothing for ChristmasSubscriber Access Only

My wife gave away the gift money, and now our kids will have no presents.
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Leader's Insight: Closed for ChristmasSubscriber Access Only

Is it the specter of consumerism or the ghost of Christmas past shuttering megachurches this December 25?
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Leader's Insight: Hearing VoicesSubscriber Access Only

How blue tooth technology has me connecting on a spiritual plane.
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Leader's Insight: Who Really Needs Church?Subscriber Access Only

Coping with the death of ecclesiology.
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Leader's Insight: Adrian Rogers on CommitmentSubscriber Access Only

What should we expect from church attenders and leaders?
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Leader's Insight: Get Back in the Game!Subscriber Access Only

A halftime speech to a tired teammate.
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Leader's Insight: Resolutions or PrayerSubscriber Access Only

Two roads to greatness, and other observations from Gordon MacDonald's journal.
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Leader's Insight: Darned SoxSubscriber Access Only

How to repair and rebuild your team.
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Leader's Insight: Don't Stuff the DogSubscriber Access Only

The leadership perils of spiritual taxidermy.
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Leader's Insight: NASCAR and the Emerging CultureSubscriber Access Only

New traction for understanding shifts in postmodern ministry.
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Leader's Insight: Leading While Following (and Visa Versa)Subscriber Access Only

On a dark trail in bear country, I discovered the value in following another leader's light.
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Leader's Insight: Six Words to Live BySubscriber Access Only

Present insights from my journals and readings.

More to Worship than MusicSubscriber Access Only

Are you giving non-musicians a voice?

A Controlled BurnSubscriber Access Only

Leading change is a dangerous, consuming calling.

Service Interruptions

What to do when emergencies and outbursts bring your worship service to a halt.

On the Sacred (and Slightly Irreverent) WaySubscriber Access Only

Finally, a spiritual formation guide for less-than-saints.

Sermon Surfers Stun VicarSubscriber Access Only

Country parson pops with iPod crowd.

Doing Church at the Metro StopsSubscriber Access Only

Not having a building doesn't stop this creative and growing congregation in D.C.

Displaying 1–20 of 134 articles

Page 1234...7
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A Tale of Two Weekends

A Tale of Two Weekends

What can preachers learn from professional storytellers?
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