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Leadership Journal 2005

Volume 26

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Sharp Curve AheadSubscriber Access Only

When God began a painful and wonderful transformation in my father's heart and church, I thought I was merely along for the ride.
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Leader's Insight: Mary MomentsSubscriber Access Only

How do you respond to an unexpected call?
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Leader's Insight: Nothing for ChristmasSubscriber Access Only

My wife gave away the gift money, and now our kids will have no presents.
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Leader's Insight: Closed for ChristmasSubscriber Access Only

Is it the specter of consumerism or the ghost of Christmas past shuttering megachurches this December 25?
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Leader's Insight: Hearing VoicesSubscriber Access Only

How blue tooth technology has me connecting on a spiritual plane.
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Leader's Insight: Who Really Needs Church?Subscriber Access Only

Coping with the death of ecclesiology.
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Leader's Insight: Adrian Rogers on CommitmentSubscriber Access Only

What should we expect from church attenders and leaders?
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Leader's Insight: Get Back in the Game!Subscriber Access Only

A halftime speech to a tired teammate.
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Leader's Insight: Resolutions or PrayerSubscriber Access Only

Two roads to greatness, and other observations from Gordon MacDonald's journal.
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Leader's Insight: Darned SoxSubscriber Access Only

How to repair and rebuild your team.
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Leader's Insight: Don't Stuff the DogSubscriber Access Only

The leadership perils of spiritual taxidermy.
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Leader's Insight: NASCAR and the Emerging CultureSubscriber Access Only

New traction for understanding shifts in postmodern ministry.
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Leader's Insight: Leading While Following (and Visa Versa)Subscriber Access Only

On a dark trail in bear country, I discovered the value in following another leader's light.
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Leader's Insight: Six Words to Live BySubscriber Access Only

Present insights from my journals and readings.

More to Worship than MusicSubscriber Access Only

Are you giving non-musicians a voice?

A Controlled BurnSubscriber Access Only

Leading change is a dangerous, consuming calling.

Slipping from the RadarSubscriber Access Only

Lower priority and fewer classes for Sunday school.

Clean Out the SludgeSubscriber Access Only

A theology of turnaround.

Service Interruptions

What to do when emergencies and outbursts bring your worship service to a halt.

Finding True NorthSubscriber Access Only

Confused and aimless? You can recover your sense of direction.

Displaying 1–20 of 134 articles

Page 1234...7
Reader's Pick
The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

The Painful Lessons of Mars Hill

What can we learn from the collapse of Mark Driscoll's church?
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