Teaching Authentic Church Membership
It's time to raise the bar and ask for a serious commitment from your members.
Ken Sande of Peacemaker Ministries believes the church should be less like a cruise ship and more like a battleship. Rather than emphasizing a casual atmosphere and fun activities, churches need to raise the bar, to focus on a serious mission, and ensure that every person aboard serves a function. Recapturing membership is a vital first step.
How well do you teach about membership? After each statement, rank your teaching as poor, fair, good, or excellent.
We teach the importance of making a public commitment to a specific church.

We teach the benefits of membership for mutual accountability.

We emphasize the importance of membership for growing Christians.

We teach the interdependence of all members of the body of Christ.

We teach church membership using the biblical language of family.

We inform members of our church's discipline policies and seek informed consent to give our church leaders the authority to publicly confront a member caught in sin.

In our new members class, we ensure our members are believers and understand the gospel, our church's theology, our polity, our vision, how we address conflict, and our discipline process.

We teach our members the church's expectations for giving, respecting leadership, and serving in the church.

We support the seriousness of membership by periodically focusing on it—perhaps on a new members' Sunday.

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