Will Our Congregation Resist Growth?
Most long-time members of a church find it more comfortable to attend a church that has plateaued in size or even gradually declined numerically than to participate in a fast-growing congregation. Review these six questions to weigh how much your congregation will resist growth.
Most of our attenders regularly deal with instabilities, such as divorce, relocation, or job loss, outside of church and seek our church for stability.

Our attenders regularly say they like the fact they know everyone's name and face and struggle to reach out to visitors.

Our attendance figures have been declining, but financial giving to the church remains stable.

Our church often resists complexities that can come with programs, campaigns, and other aspects of church life.

Many of our attenders frequently complain about the lack of access or attention they get from staff.

Most of our attenders land on the lower end of the commitment scale, rather than the higher end.

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