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Fall 2009: Your Walls Talk

Volume 30, Number 4
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  • Subscriber Access OnlyBlind Spots
    Why we sometimes can't see problems with our facility.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyWord to the Y's
    A new breed of church planters is discovering it's smart to stay at the YMCA.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyPower outage or Power display?
    What a Sunday blackout revealed.
  • Walls do Talk
    LJ Classic
    Walls do Talk
    In the Bible, locations and structures mean something. What is your facility saying?
  • Subscriber Access OnlyThe Community Coffeehouse
    Our modest effort to use our facility to serve the neighborhood.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyThe Sprawling Missional Campus
    Providing people a place to practice their faith may require facilities the community lacks.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyChurch ... Virtually
    Why internet campuses are making us reconsider our assumptions about ministry.
  • Subscriber Access OnlyChurch On Demand
    There's good reason for online worship, even if you're not a megachurch.


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