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Fall 2009: Your Walls Talk

volume 30, Issue 4

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Blind Spots

Why we sometimes can't see problems with our facility.

Word to the Y's

A new breed of church planters is discovering it's smart to stay at the YMCA.

Power outage or Power display?

What a Sunday blackout revealed.
Walls do Talk

Walls do Talk

In the Bible, locations and structures mean something. What is your facility saying?

The Community Coffeehouse

Our modest effort to use our facility to serve the neighborhood.

The Sprawling Missional Campus

Providing people a place to practice their faith may require facilities the community lacks.

Church ... Virtually

Why internet campuses are making us reconsider our assumptions about ministry.

Church On Demand

There's good reason for online worship, even if you're not a megachurch.


No Raise for PastorsSubscriber Access Only

Survey shows average salary and benefits decline.

Building for What Future?Subscriber Access Only

Expectations and the economy are forcing churches to ask foundational questions.

How to Ask for MoneySubscriber Access Only

There is fear in asking, but pastors can learn to do it right.


I Was Wrong About Church BuildingsSubscriber Access Only

They can be outposts of mission, not just a drain on resources.

Back to Square OneSubscriber Access Only

A review of Re:Jesus by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch

If God is in the HouseSubscriber Access Only

The kingdom of God flurishes in the most unlikely facilities.


New Business Meetings FormatSubscriber Access Only

An alternative format may restore the effectiveness of your congregational meetings.

Interpreting Cultural "Texts"Subscriber Access Only

It's critical to exegete your culture and not just the Bible.

Finding Myself in Fixed-Hour PrayerSubscriber Access Only

How praying the Daily Offices is uniting a church in the Spirit.

Bonus Articles

How a Mighty Church Falls

What it takes to prevent congregational decline.
When Domestic Violence Knocks

When Domestic Violence Knocks

How to minister wisely when it shows up in your congregation.
The God Bearer

The God Bearer

What Iraq taught me about living the Presence.

All Articles

Against the Current

The unexpected challenges of multi-ethnic ministry.

Sacred Space, Shared Space

A city planner says it is time for churches to serve their communities by restoring sacred spaces to the public square.

Space Frontiers

How three churches are pioneering new ways to use facilities for the gospel.
Reader's Pick
Missional Living in a Fraternity

Missional Living in a Fraternity

What it takes to go with Jesus into unlikely parts of the world.
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Engaging ImmigrationBuilding Church Leaders

Engaging Immigration

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