Reimagining Evangelism is the debut "podule" from Building Church Leaders. Since we've never made something like this before, we thought an explanation was in order.

Like one of our regular training tools, a podule contains several pieces offering practical help on some ministry topic. Unlike a regular training tool, however, a podule isn't something you just read (go here and click on "Demo" to see how one works).

Reimagining Evangelism features four written articles, but there are also four video clips woven in to supplement the lessons. For example, read about how the salesperson model of evangelism is misleading, then watch author Rick Richardson share helpful examples of other ways to think about evangelism. Another video gives a way to illustrate the gospel message for non-believers, drawn step-by-step on a sheet of paper.

Another new feature in podules is the forum, where you can post your thoughts about the lessons and respond to other people that have used the same podule. We hope that you'll learn not only from our materials, but also from the reactions of other readers.

In order to include multimedia and this more collaborative training approach, we're changing the way that readers access the tool. Instead of downloading a podule to your computer, you simply create a username and password that lets you use it right away online. After you've purchased a podule, you can come back to view it as many times as you want.

Unfortunately, we can't make a podule free to our paid members, because of an agreement related to the technology that powers it. Don't worry, we'll still be releasing lots of standard training tools for members to enjoy. But we hope that this week you give Reimagining Evangelism a look and see if podules are as dynamic as we hope they are. And since this is your first look at this new tool, we're offering it right now for $9.95.  Click here to try it.

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