Since the world is supposed to end today, I want to share some thoughts before we all go. First, let me establish a couple of my personal beliefs. I am a believer in Jesus Christ. I believe what the Bible teaches about homosexuality and the sanctity of life. Now let's get to the unvarnished truth.

This may not go over well with some, but hey, at least we'll have a conversation piece for our last day. After watching an interview by a person speaking for our Christian religion, I was less than blessed. He subtly blamed the gays, iPods, computers, evolution, and the fact that God is not in our schools for the shooting in Connecticut. I was compelled to distance myself from him as quickly as possible. It's a feeling I have had many times over the years when our so-called "religious leaders" make accusatory remarks about entire people groups. What's worse is as much as I want to distance myself from the remarks, I can't because we are still tied by the Christian religion. I can't because the people these leaders attack hear only their view of my God. And so, like an unwilling hostage in a cruel game, I catch the heat from those far from God because they assume I hold the same position.

Sure these leaders make a few decent points, but then follow it up with a very misguided missile of fault. When high profile leaders do things like this, I feel like I'm with a crazy uncle who makes ignorant comments while you're helping him shop. You have to stand behind him and mouth, "I'm so sorry. He's old and bit crazy. He means well." So to my gay friends, scientists, iPhone users, and others he blamed for the HORRENDOUS killing spree by that mentally ill young man, I stand here mouthing a few words of apology to you. And while I'm at it, maybe I could talk to my own fellow Christ followers as well.

While some Christians say that the reason we have school shootings is because we have taken God out of schools, I wonder why we have shootings in our churches as well? We may not be able to put a nativity up at a local park, but we can instill the story in our kids at our churches and homes. Maybe the fall in church attendance has less to do with the gay agenda, the lack of prayer, or abortion issues, and more to do with the fact that we are all too often seen as a hate group. They say that for fifty years we have removed God from our schools and that's why these things happen more. But if you go back fifty years or more and you will still find a host of terrible things happening even at the height of "the good old days." In 1949, Howard Unruh killed 13 people in Camden, New Jersey, with a gun on a public street devastating a barbershop, a tailor's shop, and a pharmacy in twelve minutes. On May 18, 1927, a man named Andrew Kehoe in Bath Township, Michigan, killed forty-five people, mostly children in grades two through six, by using explosives in a school. He also injured fifty-eight others. If you spend any time researching it, you will see that evil has been around forever. In fact, at the height of school prayer, things still went awry. China has marched God out of its culture from the government on down, and yet the church there is growing like crazy.

I'm tired of our so-called religious leaders speaking for the rest of us in blaming entire people groups. I have never met a Jesus who rejects people or blames them for the atrocities in which they were not involved. Yesterday I had a gay friend email and ask how this shooting was his fault. It's a fair question. Many Christians commit adultery, steal, and withhold forgiveness. What if it's those sins that caused this evil? Silly, right? But as long as we are playing the blame game, let's deal ourselves in for one hand.

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