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The Essence of a Pastor

The Essence of a Pastor

Five pastors share stories about the core of their calling.
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Why are you in ministry? At times it's hard to remember, isn't it? Especially when you're bogged down by dull or difficult tasks. Sometimes it takes a little reflection to remind you of what's truly important. We wanted to rediscover the core of the pastoral calling.

So we asked five church leaders to each describe one experience that illustrates the essence of being a pastor. We trust their stories will prompt you to do some reflecting of your own, and reignite your passion for ministry.

Perry Noble

The Call to Care

People are not ministry interruptions.

I was irritated. All I wanted to do was enjoy a cup of coffee in silence. Now this young lady, who I didn't even know, was talking to ...

David Swanson

Resting in Christ

We work better than we rest.

On a Saturday afternoon this summer, I sat in a room with 35 members of our fledgling church. This was our first retreat. We had left Chicago ...

Lillian Daniel

Always a Pastor

My calling extends far beyond Sunday mornings.

I can't go anywhere without seeing a current, former, or potential parishioner. It's gotten so my teenage children refuse to eat out with me ...

J.R. Woodward

Kingdom Influence

Establishing God's reign where we live.

In addition to serving my congregation, I act as co-chair of the outreach committee for my neighborhood, which puts me in touch with the needs ...

Ed Brown

More Mystery than Management

True ministry means staying open to the guidance of the Spirit.

Jim was a dark, thin man in his early forties, with a sad countenance. He had attended our church for a few weeks and heard about our Thursday ...

From Issue:Ministry's Core, Fall2012 | Posted: November 12, 2012

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