Charles Kraft is an anthropologist and linguist who has published more than 20 books on inner healing and spiritual warfare. But he's more than an academic. Kraft, professor emeritus at Fuller Seminary, spends his days providing spiritual counseling. Drew Dyck talked with Kraft about how he leads people to spiritual freedom.

How did you get involved in spiritual warfare?

Early in my career when I was in Nigeria, I asked the guys I was working with, "What's your biggest problem?" And they immediately said, "Evil spirits." No hesitation. I thought to myself, I don't know anything about this, and I can't help them.

Seminary hadn't trained you to deal with this issue?

No. And I went to Wheaton College and then I went to Hartford Seminary Foundation, which had the best mission school in those days. I probably received the best training that anybody going to the field had in linguistics and anthropology, but there wasn't a word about spiritual warfare. Years later, with help from my colleagues at Fuller, I learned much more about the topic of healing. I found out that my gifting was not so much in physical healing, although I'd seen quite a few people healed physically, but more in emotional and spiritual healing. I became a specialist in inner healing and pretty soon ran into demons and learned deliverance. And I've been doing it ever since.

Are we too quick or too slow to recognize evil spirits when we're counseling?

Too slow, by far. I've probably worked one-on-one now with more than 3,000 people. And when we do inner healing, demons are often involved. With many deep spiritual issues, there are usually "rats" attached. Sometimes it gets masked ...

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Spring 2012: Spiritual Warfare  | Posted
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