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How have women responded to what you're saying?

I get more pushback from men who are well-established in the church than I do from women. Women sense the need. Women see their husbands bored. They see their sons dropping out. They see their brothers irreligious. They sit on the pew with nine other women. They know the situation on the ground.

The men who are already in the church and comfortable with the church and, quite frankly, for many of them church is their power area, they are the ones who push back. They are the ones who say things like, "Well, men should just learn to sing those songs," or "Men need to be comfortable holding hands or hugging." They have all these pious-sounding phrases.

But it reveals that they really don't have a missionary mindset. They are comfortable, and more concerned with protecting their own power in the current structure.

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Drew Dyck is managing editor of Leadership Journal.

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From Issue:Transformation, Summer 2012 | Posted: October 8, 2012

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