For today's entry in the Friday Five interview series, we catch up with Rachel Held Evans. Rachel is a popular Christian blogger, author, and speaker. Her latest book, A Year of Biblical Womanhood was a New York Times bestseller, provoking conversations on gender roles in Christianity. She's been featured on NPR, in Slate, the BBC, The Washington Post, The Guardian (UK), The Times London, The Huffington Post, and on, among others. Her blog is widely read.

Today we asked Rachel about the writing process, the role controversy plays in building an online platform, and if she can get along with complementarians.


You're a popular Christian author, blogger, and speaker. Have you always enjoyed writing and when you did you first sense this calling?

I always knew I wanted to be a writer. In fact, in third grade, my mom tied my hair back in bun, placed a pair of fake glasses on my nose, and sent me out the door with a legal pad under my arm so I could dress up as an author for "career day" at school, just like I wanted. (Had I known the true author's dress code, I would have worn my pajamas and a pair of slippers to school that day instead!) Since then, I have been writing and writing like crazy, and I feel so blessed to get to do what I love for a living. Writing is how I process things. It's how I understand the world around me. And, in many ways, writing is how I pray, how I worship, how I share the Gospel.

You're known for your outspoken egalitarian position when it comes to gender issues and church leadership. Is there a way to hold an egalitarian position and yet respect the convictions of those who are complementarian?

Oh certainly! The best conversations I have with complementarians are those in which we recognize ...

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