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Have you ever questioned your calling?

Have you ever questioned your calling?

Five pastors respond.
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Katherine Callahan-Howell

Look at the Fruit

When someone questions me calling, I point to the results.

I don't question my call anymore, but as a woman in ministry, other people often do. I didn't grow up with female pastors as role models so ...

Dan Kimball

Refreshed by the Mission

The great need reminds me why role is important.

No, I haven't questioned my calling. We shouldn't separate serving on a local church staff from people with "secular" jobs. I have the same ...

Tracey Bianchi

Retreat to His Presence

God loves me even in the chaos of ministry.

Yes, I have questioned my calling! When life gets ugly and people wake you from your warm bed to visit the ER, when all the prayers for healing ...

C.J. Coffee

Turning to Others

My support system keeps me going.

I don't think I've ever questioned my calling to pastoral ministry, what the Lord has given me to do. But I have questioned whether or not I ...

Wilfredo De Jesus

Keep the Calling Fresh

Leaders must keep learning to maintain their vision.

When I feel that nagging doubt, I remember that my pastoral role is not a passion, it is my calling. A passion lasts for about nine months, ...

From Issue:Callings, Winter2013 | Posted: January 16, 2013
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