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Must-Reads from Dan Kimball

Our editors have compiled our best from this contributor from the archives. Here you'll find ground-breaking, honest, wise coverage that sets Leadership Journal apart.

Dan Kimball

Hot TheologySubscriber Access Only

If we ignore the reality of hell, we make one of Jesus' frequent teachings a mere metaphor.
The modern church should not avoid discussing hell and judgment. Jesus didn't.

Missional MisgivingsSubscriber Access Only

Small, indigenous churches are getting lots of attention, but where's the fruit?
Dan Kimball notes that "attractional," program-driven churches are training disciples, but he wonders if missional churches are really bearing fruit.

Discovering and Escaping LiturgySubscriber Access Only

Worship trends among the young are more complicated than you realize.
Young people are often drawn to worship styles that are new to them, even if those practices date back hundreds of years.

I Was Wrong About Church BuildingsSubscriber Access Only

They can be outposts of mission, not just a drain on resources.
Dan Kimball rethinks his original stance that churches don't need buildings.

The Young and the RepentantSubscriber Access Only

A proper definition is the key to leading young adults to repent.
Young people are more likely to respond to a message that presents repentance as something to embrace, rather than something to respond to out of fear.
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High Anxiety

High Anxiety

My struggle with anxiety and fear no longer defines me.
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