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Global:Church Forum- This Week

Watch live as the church in the West learns from the rest.
Making Space for the Spirit
Leadership Journal

Making Space for the SpiritSubscriber Access Only

How one church recognized spiritual warfare and the means God provides for victory.

Dave Gibbons' Hardcore Lent

Could you give up exercise, sex, and social media for 40 days?

Part 2: The Evangelical Industrial Complex & the Rise of Celebrity Pastors

It isn't simply followers who are creating celebrity pastors, it's the market.
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Dave Gibbons

On the Verge

His understanding of the gospel led him to build a multi-ethnic megachurch. And now it's leading him to build smaller churches he calls "verges."
In this interview, Dave Gibbons talks about why he decided to move away from the megachurch model to embrace "mid-sized" churches called "verges."

Space Frontiers

How three churches are pioneering new ways to use facilities for the gospel.
These three churches have found creative ways to use their facilities for ministry.

Liquid Leadership for a Third-Culture Church

A new movement of God is underway, but are we too busy running the church to notice?
Dave Gibbons suggests that all churches are called to become "third-culture" churches, which means, simply put, they are called to love God and love their neighbor.

The Most Dangerous Place in America

Why the suburbs are silently sinister.
Why the suburbs might be the most dangerous place to live.

Church Lessons from HGTV

What our design says about our values
Have you ever wondered what your church space says about you and your God? Dave Gibbons suggests some questions we should be asking about what our space communicates about our values.
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Changing Notions of Community

Changing Notions of Community

Guiding church in a time of declining attendance.
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Christ-Centered Women's MinistryBuilding Church Leaders

Christ-Centered Women's Ministry