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Andy Crouch: Image-bearing Leads to Flourishing

The world that God creates is filled with potential, and it is waiting for image-bearing.
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What Is Your Church Apgar Score?

A new way to measure spiritual vitality.

How Is It with Your Soul?

Pay attention to what matters most.

How Much Risk Do I Run When I Make Decisions?

Pastors, are you putting yourselves on the line?

Are We Equipping Our Volunteers?

Review these six essential guidelines.

The Church and Politics Quiz

Where is the "wall of separation" exactly? Uncover the assumptions you carry into your ministry.

Ministry Team DiagnosticsSubscriber Access Only

How is your team doing with regard to these common dysfunctions?

The Hermeneutics Quiz

How do you interpret and apply Scripture?

Is Our Church Secure?

Church safety is one aspect of stewardship.

Will Our Congregation Resist Growth?

Comfort can help or hurt or progress.

True Traits of Leadership

10 characteristics of growing leadership

Teaching Authentic Church Membership

It’s time to raise the bar and ask for a serious commitment from your members.

Is Your Church Fiscally Fit?

Four factors to help you determine the vitality of your church finances.

Is Our Church Friendly Enough?

Congregations need to proactively remove barriers to relationships.

How Well Do We Present New Ideas?

Do we introduce and implement change well?

How Well Do We Confront Conflict?Subscriber Access Only

Rate your church's approach to conflict.
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The Prodigal Daughter

The Prodigal Daughter

What I said when a pastor friend asked me to preach after his daughter strayed.
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Leading the Elder Board