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Church Music that Drives People Away?And other items from around the web.

The Salary Gap - This is so wonderfully Shane Claiborne. He suggests that we probe our churches and Christian institutions to find out how much they're paying custodial staff. Then ask how much the presidents and CEOs are getting. "A good question of any college president ...

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Let justice roll down
Should I Preach About Ferguson?Consider it a unique opportunity for pastoral care.
Should I Preach About Ferguson?
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After a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri, chose not to indict police officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of Michael Brown, many ministers are conflicted over what to say about this painful intersection of the judicial system and race. For many reasons, pastoral care ...

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Friday Five
Preaching to the AffectionsAn Interview with Josh Moody
Preaching to the Affections

Josh Moody serves as senior pastor of College Church in Wheaton, IL. His latest book Burning Hearts: Preaching to the Affections looks at the value and importance that affections have in our walk with Christ and how to preach in a way that stirs those affections.

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Church Decline Parallels Decline of the Middle ClassAnd other items from around the web.
Church Decline Parallels Decline of the Middle Class

Transforming Worship Spaces - With the recent attention being given to a Barna Study on the preferred choice of church architecture by Millennials, this four minute video from the summer is worthy of much consideration. "We have the tools of modern technology which allow ...

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Worth the Risk of EbolaAnd other items from around the web.
Worth the Risk of Ebola

It's Worth The Risk of Ebola - The Desiring God website carried an in-depth interview with missionary Nancy Writebol, one of the first two Ebola survivors brought back to the U.S. for care. "Popular opinion seemed to be that Ebola would not spread to a city. It had ...

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Meet The DonesAnd other items from around the web.
Meet The Dones

Turning the Tables - Pope Francis is, figuratively speaking, turning over the tables and less figuratively driving the money changers out of the temple. The move to stop selling Papal blessings—somehow reminiscent of the selling of indulgences, leading up to the Reformation—is ...

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Friday Five
Why We Love StoriesAn Interview with Mike Cosper
Why We Love Stories

Mike Cosper is the Pastor of Worship and Arts at Sojourn Community Church. He is also an accomplished author and music producer. His latest book The Stories We Tell: How TV and Movies Long for and Echo the Truth looks at mankind’s addiction to stories and how that relates ...

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