Friday Five
When it Wasn't Your Fault, But it is Your PainAn Interview with Cynthia Ruchti

Today we spoke with Cynthia Ruchti. Cynthia is an award winning author and speaker with 33 years of radio programming experience. Her most recent book is Ragged Hope: Surviving the Fallout of Other People’s Choices. We talked to Cynthia about our pain, the pain of others, ...

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Flesh of my flesh
The Spiritual Power of Physical Touch There is no replacement for human contact in the life of the church.
The Spiritual Power of Physical Touch

Across television screens trudge health care workers in hazmat suits protecting themselves from Ebola. Holding patients, disposing of bodies. Carefully encased to prevent touch. It is, perhaps, one of the most tragic dimensions of this dreaded disease, that (because of the ...

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WLL: Jesus Was Not a Zombie, Underground Church, John Calvin PumpkinThese ARE the links you are looking for.
WLL: Jesus Was Not a Zombie, Underground Church, John Calvin Pumpkin

Welcome to the World Series of Christian news and opinion stories. Two teams: People who are screaming to be heard, and people with stories they wish we didn't know.

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Why Mark Driscoll’s Resignation Shows We're in a New Era For PastorsThe high-profile resignation points to new realities for leadership.
Why Mark Driscoll’s Resignation Shows We're in a New Era For Pastors
Mars Hill Church

In light of this week's events, the PARSE editors are lifting our longstanding ban on the discussion of Mark Driscoll to share this piece from William Vanderbloemen. - Paul

This week, amidst mounting pressure, Pastor Mark Driscoll resigned his position as Senior Pastor ...

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Friday Five
D.L. Moody's Influence on Today's WorldAn interview with Kevin Belmonte.
D.L. Moody's Influence on Today's World

Today we spoke with author and historian Kevin Belmonte about his biography on the life of D.L. Moody. Kevin told us about Moody's continuing relevance for today.

1) What will readers discover in your bio that might be different from other D.L. Moody biographies?

My ...

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When a Pastor Resigns AbruptlyThe snare of smugness and fuzzy immorality.
When a Pastor Resigns Abruptly

Yesterday a well-known pastor resigned from a high-profile church. I don’t know enough about that situation to comment on it one way or another. But I find myself—as many of us will today—reflecting on my own life, and on the state of our little evangelical ...

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I'm gonna be a star.
How Cars Created the MegachurchAnd put churchgoers in the driver's seat
How Cars Created the Megachurch

Friends, enjoy this provocative take on the relationships of the parking lot and the pew from PARSE friend Adam Graber. - Paul

Of the 150 or so acres making up Willow Creek Community Church’s main campus, a full 8 acres are devoted to buildings. Parking lots cover more ...

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