Friday Five
Pause, Refresh.An Interview with Chris Maxwell

Today’s interview is with Chris Maxwell. Chris is the Director of Spiritual Life and Campus Pastor of Emmanuel College in Franklin Springs. He is the author of multiple books including the Pause series; the third installment of which: Pause for Pastors: Finding Still ...

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Blessed are the . . .
Three Christian Responses to Religious ViolenceIn a world of bloodshed “for God,” three peaceful ways forward.
Three Christian Responses to Religious Violence
Credit Manu Brabo/, via Associated Press

Friends, with a heavy heart and hope for peace, I share this contribution from John Morehead, Custodian of the Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy. Be sure to also read my interview with John from last March. –Paul

Over the course of the last ...

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Guardians of the Links
Wednesday Link List: .Church domain names, Funeral prices in the UK, Bieber in Bible Study.Linking is the best medicine
Wednesday Link List: .Church domain names, Funeral prices in the UK, Bieber in Bible Study.

Time for your midweek break and some news and opinion pieces you may have missed:

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Don't shoot
What’s It Like in Ferguson?A pastor’s on-the-ground response
What’s It Like in Ferguson?
Courtesy of Reuters

I keep getting the same question: “What is it like in Ferguson?”

It is hard to offer an answer. Michael Brown was shot a week ago yesterday afternoon in Ferguson by a city police officer. Things are too fluid to make what is happening now make easy sense. The ...

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Social Justice is Dead"We have killed her, you and I."
Social Justice is Dead

Friends, from Nietzche to the Coen brothers, enjoy this unusual reflection from PARSE friend A. E. Stoddard. What are the pastoral implications of a world unmoored from the divine prompt for justice? -Paul

I must confess that I’ve never read Friedrich Nietzsche’s ...

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Friday Five
A Fruitful BalanceAn interview with Eric Bryant.
A Fruitful Balance


1) I think if you surveyed most Christians, they'd tell you that they want to be fruitful or faithful in their Christian lives, but might not know exactly what that looks like.

In the Scriptures the word "fruitful" is used to describe the changes that ...

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Gimme a . . . brake
Pastoral VulnerabilityLife feels out of control. Is this the core of ministry?
Pastoral Vulnerability

Saint Peter, writing to a group of churches scattered across an area the size of California, opens his first canonized letter with three short words:

“Chosen exiles, dispersed …”

As his letter unfolds, it quickly becomes apparent that to be “chosen ...

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