Friday Five
Former All-Pro Wide Receiver on Leadership and DeterminationAn Interview with Tim Brown

Today's interview is with one of the best wide receivers in NFL history and a former Heisman Trophy winner. Tim Brown played 16 seasons with the Oakland Raiders and is now a television football analyst. Tim also spends time working with several charitable causes. Tim ...

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You got it. Links!
Wednesday Link List: Persecution, Inklings, and Painless CommunionLink for the sky...
Wednesday Link List: Persecution, Inklings, and Painless Communion

Each week, I get to write teasers for some great online resources, as well as some quirky ones.

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Nom nom
Like Starving ChefsComing to Scripture only to feed others is not a healthy recipe.
Like Starving Chefs

Friends, feast on this perennially relevant musing from Bob Hyatt. May you find nourishment this week. - Paul

"Oh, if we did but study half as much to affect and amend our own hearts, as we do those of our hearers…" - Richard Baxter, The Reformed Pastor

I ...

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Friday Five
Facing Regrets with Prayer and CourageAn interview with Michelle Van Loon.
Facing Regrets with Prayer and Courage

Today's interview is with Michelle Van Loon. Michelle is the author of If Only: Letting Go of Regret. She is a writer for Her.meneutics and she blogs at Pilgrim's Road Trip. Today, we talk with Michelle about the sanctifying role of regret, the temptation to take ...

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Be Our Guest
The Importance of Being GuestedBoth mission and the cross demand Christians who can graciously receive.
The Importance of Being Guested

Enjoy this . . . unsanitary . . . reflection on being a gracious guest for the sake of love and the gospel. -Paul

A barista at my favorite coffee shop asked me to come over to a party. I didn't know what kind of party it would be. Flying solo, I went to the party with ...

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Links Blazing
Wednesday Link List: The Bridge, Beauty Salon Churches, and Binding SatanI am a L, I am a L-I, I am a L-I-N-K
Wednesday Link List: The Bridge, Beauty Salon Churches, and Binding Satan

Summertime and the linkin' is easy...

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Friday Five
Better than ImaginedAn interview with Jonathan Merritt.
Better than Imagined

Friends, enjoy this interview from Drew with writer and speaker Jonathan Merritt. They chat about Jonathan's book Jesus is Better than You Imagined, Jonathan's sharing of childhood abuse and same-sex attraction, and how to talk about SSA issues in a polarized culture. ...

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