Out of Context: Tony Jones

"Modern Christianity has emphasized the immanence of our Savior, but, pushed too far, we are in danger of making the God of the universe little more than our buddy."

-Tony Jones is coordinator of Emergent Village. Taken from "Prayer Beyond Father Weejus" in the Winter 2007 issue of Leadership journal. To see the quote IN context, you'll need to see the print version of Leadership. To subscribe, click on the cover of Leadership on this page.

February 08, 2007

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tony jones

February 09, 2007  10:33am

this is shocking. i've never been quoted out of context before.

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John Mark

February 08, 2007  2:21pm

Absolutely! And I've personally found services at a Greek Orthodox Church to be somewhat at the other end of the spectrum. I really saw this when (for a seminary project) I went to an ultra-hip church - Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX for a Saturday night service and then on Sunday morning went to a Greek Orthodox service.

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Trevor Lee

February 08, 2007  1:30pm

What John the Baptist says in John 1:27 is always a good reminder for me on this. He says he is not worthy to untie Jesus' sandals–the job of a servant or slave. It is so difficult to hold a tension where at the same time we are unworthy to be slaves of Jesus and he is our brother (Mk. 3:35), but that is the biblical witness. We tend to be people who swing too far to one side or the other. We focus on one instead of keeping both in mind.

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