We're Going to Catalyst
Stay tuned for live blogging from the conference next week.

Next week I'm sending two Urthlings, Marshall Shelley and Skye Jethani, to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta. They'll be blogging live from the event October 8 - 10, and mixing it up with 15,000 other church leaders. Whether you're at the conference or not, be sure to check Out of Ur and add your comments about the speakers, workshops, and frivolity.

Catalyst speakers this year include: Joel Hunter, Mark Batterson, John Burke, Scot McKnight, Matt Chandler, Andy Crouch, Reggie McNeal, Cathleen Falsani, Dave Ferguson, Efram Smith, Seth Godin, Andy Stanley, Ed Stetzer, Craig Groeschel, and others.

September 30, 2008

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mike rucker

October 01, 2008  5:16pm

wow - this is right in my backyard. i hadn't even heard about it. think they'd let me have the microphone for a few minutes?... any of you coming into atlanta are welcome to buy me a cup of coffee somewhere and see what a lovable guy i really am in person. :) i did notice that the word 'emergent' isn't on the banner ad - seems we've moved on to 'convergence' and 'next generation'. new and improved, tastes great, less filling, and probably contains retsin. mike rucker fairburn, georgia, usa

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October 01, 2008  4:28pm

We once moved into a house that had been previously occupied by a pastor who I knew personally. For months we were receiving his junk mail. An endless stream of brochures for conferences. Pastors conferences, leadership conferences. It appeared there was one almost every weekend of the year. I asked my pastor friend about it and he said, "Yes, if I wanted to, I could go to so many conferences I would never be in the pulpit on Sundays.

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September 30, 2008  7:22pm


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