Ur Video: Dever and Wallis on Justice and the Gospel (Part 5)
Do we have a communal, and not merely an individual, responsibility to engage in mission and justice?

In the final installment of Skye Jethani's interview with Jim Wallis and Mark Dever, they discuss the role of local congregations in God's mission of reconciliation. Dever and Wallis agree that Americans are too individualistic and that Scripture calls for a communal witness of God's power and love. The two leaders disagree, however, on whether or not evangelicals should partner with mainline liberal churches.

September 07, 2010

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September 08, 2010  10:20am

Looks like the video cut off when dever was about to respond to wallis. This interview, like the other interviews becomes a conversation about a Jim Wallis anecdote. I have no way to confirm or deny this evangelism conference with mainline liberals and what did or didn't take place? Wallis always seems to be in charge of the interview.... On a side note, why does Jim Wallis always dress like a Catholic priest? Marc Dever needs a haircut.

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Skye Jethani

September 07, 2010  11:37am

Well Sheerahkahn, you won't have to worry because this is the last video segment from my interview with Dever and Wallis. Regardless of how you feel about Wallis, he does represent a point of view that is popular among many evangelicals. And I think there is wisdom and benefit to having his perspective interact with Dever's. The outcome may simply be that you hold to your own view more tightly and in a more informed way. At Leadership we believe it is helpful to allow divergent streams of the church to interact and sharpen each other. If we isolate and only listen to the voices we already agree with, then we are less likely to grow and mature. Peace. Skye.

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