The Phil Vischer Podcast: Ep 31- Thoughts on Connecticut
Evil is real. The world is broken. That's why we need to recapture the truth of Christmas.

In a special episode, Phil discusses the events in Connecticut last week in the light of Christmas, and he explains how the tragedy illuminates what even Christians have lost from the Christian narrative and from Christmas itself.

Listen here.

December 20, 2012

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January 02, 2013  12:51pm

What happened was so incredibly heartbreaking. The pain of all those who lost friends, children, family is intense. I pray I never get so caught up in my own life where I forget to earnestly pray for those who are in pain and needs a touch from God. He is our Comforter. As I think about this tragedy, I can't help but pray that God, in His infinite love, will bring good out of it.

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