Ur Video: David Kinnaman on Growing Indifference Toward Faith
Is America destined to be as secular as Europe?

In this segment of an interview of David Kinnaman by Kevin Palau, Kinnaman discusses new research by the Barna Group revealing Americans are becoming increasingly indifferent toward religion. The implications for outreach and evangelism are profound, and it may result in churches requiring an entirely new approach. This is a must watch.

March 06, 2012

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March 07, 2012  2:25pm

This interesting typical reverse correlation between affluence and spirituality that is not typical here in the U.S. makes the cynical side of me wonder if the U.S. brand of Christian "spirituality" and religiosity is a reflection of a greater incidence of the real NT deal (i.e., born of a real sense of need for and faith in the God of the Bible as He has revealed Himself in Christ) or just a reflection that–because religious affiliation here is historically more freely chosen, and, therefore, more compatible with our very American commitment to Enlightenment humanist values and modern individualism–it is just more socially advantageous, acceptable and comfortable to be conventionally religious here.

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Brian Jones

March 07, 2012  6:14am

Wow I'm seeing this first-hand. 11 years ago when I planted Christ's Church of the Valley in the suburbs of Philadelphia it was just a different day. Not just chronologically, but in terms of spiritual interest. Even the tried and true "get people interested through their kids" is breaking down. David's got his finger on the pulse of what's happening.

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March 06, 2012  10:46am

really? This is news? This has been going on for the past twenty years, and only now does it float to the surface? Come on...the Latin American churches identified the US as a missions field back in the 90's. The Chinese Church has taken over missions to the Middle East because anything with "American" attached to it is suspect and considered "CIA." The unfortunate reality is we're taking the same spiritual path as 19th century Europe...more specifically, Germany, and apparently the Anglican church has lost much of it's glamour as more Britains identify themselves as Agnostic or Athiest. This new approach...it shuold have been in place a few decades ago, but better late than never.

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