Sharing the Love?
What does love look like on the social web?

No soaring words of wisdom from me today, Urthlings. Just a question: What does Christian love look like on social media?

Special shout out to cartoonist/freelance illustrator Wes Molebash for today's cartoon. He's drawn for organizations such as Viper Comics, THE Ohio State University, and Stuff Christians Like. He lives with his wife, Kari, in Southern Ohio, and they both serve on leadership at their church.

Wes writes and draws a weekly comic strip called Insert Image that pokes fun at the Christian subculture. You can read new strips every Monday at Go check out his stuff.


April 23, 2013

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April 24, 2013  10:38pm

I just had a great idea for a new comment in the box: "So I took the cross logo and turned it into the human rights logo in photoshop. Then I made that my facebook profile image. I then started posting about how mean and hateful most Christians..."

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April 24, 2013  4:11pm

Thank you Richard. Thank you elegance. "My gay friends think the church, in spite of it's platitudes, hates them." I just finished watching a video of man telling is story of going deep into homosexuality. While he was deep into it he felt his parents rejected and hated him. In God's grace, He rescued this man out of homosexuality and is now deep into faith in Christ. He has written a book together with his parents about the whole story, and that his parents loved him deeply and showered him with that love but his mind was so twisted he read it all as hate. Out of a Far Country: A Gay Son's Journey to God. A Broken Mother's Search for Hope. by Christopher Yuan, Angela Yuan

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Wes Molebash

April 24, 2013  3:50pm

Pablo - I don't think proselytizing on Facebook should count as "doing something".

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April 24, 2013  2:06pm

It's so much easier to criticize those trying to do something than it is to actually do something yourself.

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April 24, 2013  8:20am

For all of the "my gay friends think this" and "my gay friends think that" and "gay people think Christians hate them", etc. that shows up on this site, I have yet to read of some brilliant strategy for bringing the lost to repentance and salvation in Jesus Christ. There is nothing but a barrage against anyone who would dare to suggest such a thing. If someone is running toward the edge of a cliff that you know is there and rather than warning them of the cliff, you merely offer them a cup of water in the race, how do you manage to feel that you somehow 'loved' that person?

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Richard C Klueg

April 24, 2013  7:57am

I think the point of this caricature, Elegance, is that any attempt to repeat what the Scripture says about the sinfulness of homosexuality is "unloving." We are supposed to act as though there is nothing wrong with it ("because that's what Jesus would do") and then they will come to the Lord and someday, somewhere down the road they somehow discover (without us telling them) that homosexuality is a sin; and, the theory goes, they will stop committing the acts which Holy Scripture calls abominable. It's a plan. It's not the kind of plan we see followed by the prophets, apostles, or our Lord Jesus, but it is a plan. I'm not so sure it actually works, but it is a plan. The one positive thing we can say about this plan is that it frees one from the discomfort of offending people with the truth and suffering the backlash that accompanies such honesty.

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April 23, 2013  7:46pm

What interesting to me is how self-deceptively stupid people get when it comes to interpersonal communication, and expressions of affection. Expressing love can be done by words, but that is only when the tangible action precedes. Thus, saying, "I love you." is completely meaningless over "social media" because the words have not proven themselves true...however, for example, two people, who have been separated and now live far apart, exchange of love is already proven...thus accepted at face value as a reassurance of familiarity. But someone who has never met another person, "Oh hey, I love you!." those are meaningless words...because there is not tangible connection. Social media is an exchange of information, nothing more...and to treat it as a substitute for physical relationships is a sad, lonely and cruel state to find oneself in.

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Scott Williams

April 23, 2013  12:43pm

My gay friends think the church, in spite of it's platitudes, hates them. One made an interesting comment, "I can't imagine Jesus acting towards me like his church does."

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April 23, 2013  10:00am

I assume there is some point attempting to be made here, but silly me, it just keeps escaping.

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