The Maccabeats Les Miserables' Passover
Who knew 19th century French revolutionaries shared so much with ancient Hebrews?

You may remember The Maccabeats' viral video explaining the story and tradition of Hanukkah. Well, they're back with a Passover video using music from Les Miserables. I was only disappointed not to see Russel Crowe as Pharaoh. Enjoy.

March 28, 2013

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March 31, 2013  10:41am

Well, I waited to post a comment, but since no one else will...I will. Love their voices. And in my honest opinion, I think theirs is a lot more...interesting than Les Miserables'...I think it has to do with the bass voices and the and deep. Nice find Skye, I also enjoyed some of their other ones, but the gangnam style one...yeah, that one I had to stop...tooo much!

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