The Changing Focus of Church Finances

Editor's Note: This interview was featured in the Spring 1981 issue of Leadership Journal. Lyle Schaller was arguably the most influencial church consultant of the 20th century, and passed away earlier this week at the age of 91.

Too many expenses and too little money. It's a subject that rivals the weather as a topic of conversation nowadays. And the local church is not immune to economic fluctuations. Pastors have to feed their families. Churches have to heat their buildings, pay the rent, maintain programsand pay the pastor. Money problems go hand in hand with almost any ministry.

Lyle Schaller probes some of these problems in his writing and in his work as a church consultant for Yokefellow Institute. His research indicates that in many ways churches could improve the way they handle their budgets and make everyday financial decisions. In LEADERSHIP's interview, Lyle identifies financial problems most churches face, and he offers some suggestions that merit close ...

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