Whether standing tall, bowing low or falling on your face before the Lord, God deserves our honor and respect; and when we say "amen" to his will, amazing things happen.

This month, as we continue our study of how we worship, we're going to look at Nehemiah 8:6 and see what we can learn from the revival that took place there among the people of Israel as they began to worship.

In chapter 8, Nehemiah has just finished restoring the wall in the city of Jerusalem. To coincide with that, there is a dedication process going on and the people have discovered the book of the law amidst great joy. Then in verse 6 it happens. Ezra has opened the book in sight of all the people and he blesses the Lord, the great God of Israel. In response, the crowd stands to its feet and all the people answer "Amen, Amen!" while lifting their hands.

There it is again. Lifting holy hands without wrath and doubting. We talked about those words of the Apostle Paul in an earlier study. David also talked about the raising ...

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