Authors Note: Our two-year research project involved asking unchurched men and women numerous questions. One primary issue we sought to discern was the level of receptivity to the gospel of these we interviewed.

We classified their receptivity on a scale from one to five. U1, or unchurched 1, represented the most receptive group to the gospel. U5, or unchurched 5, were the least receptive. In this article we highlight our research with the U4s.

Joseph G. has lived in Indiana most of his life. The thirty-something man has vague memories of attending a Catholic church as a child. He does not attend church at all today though he did say "I go occasionally for special services."

He describes his own attitude toward the church as "neutral."

Our researcher, Deborah White, did not feel that Joseph accurately described himself. "While he said he was neutral, I believe he was more resistant, a U4," Deborah said. "Though he was very pleasant to speak with and made it clear that he would do the interview ...

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