Developing a Strategic Plan for Your Church

What to do

Some church leaders find planning a formidable exercise. In reality, the planning process is simple — conceptually. It can be described as answering seven key questions:

1. Spiritual Needs Assessment: What are the greatest spiritual needs of our church and community?

2. Strengths and Weaknesses: What are the greatest strengths and weaknesses of our church?

3. Opportunities and Threats or Barriers: What are the most significant ministry opportunities for and potential threats (or barriers) to our church, given the answers to the first two questions?

4. Ministry Options: What appear to be the most viable options for strengthening the ministry of our church?

5. Ministry Platform: What is the primary ministry platform on which our specific ministries should be built? Included in the ministry platform are our statement of faith, vision statement, mission statement, philosophy of ministry, and listing of ministries.

6. Ministry Goals: What goals is the Holy Spirit leading us to strive ...

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