In the thirty years I've been involved in children's ministries, I've noticed there is often a communication problem between church leadership and the children's ministry. I think the problem exists because we forget that communication is hard work.

Take the telephone for instance. We love to use the phone but someone had to do a lot of work for us to take advantage of its usefulness. We forget that for a telephone to work someone had to go in the woods and cut down a tree, drag it out of the woods then they had to cut off the limbs and skin off the bark, then weather treat it and then dig a hole and plant the pole. Then they had to repeat the process a few million times and then connect all the poles with wire. Then they take the connected poles and connect them to your house. That's a whole lot of work.

Communication within your ministry is also hard work.

I also think those of us in children's ministries forget there is one group of children we have to communicate with and three groups ...

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