I drove through rain at 7:30 A.M. this morning while on my way to a breakfast appointment. At 9 A.M. I walked through rain from the parking lot to the office. Moments before a 10 A.M. leadership team meeting, the hour-by-hour weather forecast showed rain turning into thunderstorms by 4 P.M. Our team made the disappointing decision to postpone the company family picnic scheduled to start at 3 P.M.

By noon the sun shone brightly.

By 2 P.M. the hourly weather forecast showed light rain maybe arriving after 8 P.M. Maybe? What happened to the threatening weather?

I hope the other decisions made by our leadership team this morning turn out better. Much better.

On the positive side of this issue, our office snack inventory hit an all-time high—we will munch well for many days. Very well.

Ah, the unspoken taxes paid by leaders: decision scrutiny and decision regret when decisions prove wrong. Some leaders put off making choices because they fear paying such levies. With relief, they cling to ...

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