Have you ever watched the TV show Undercover Boss? A CEO or president of a prominent company puts on a disguise and spends a week working within his or her company. Workers are told that the new addition to their team is part of a reality TV show. What they don't know is that the newbie is actually the leader of the entire corporation.

At the end of the show, the employees are invited to corporate headquarters. There, they meet their new coworker again, and discover his or her real identity.

Typically, the bosses come to realize how committed their employees are. They learn about each person's family, hardships, and challenges. Most episodes end with both the boss and employee reduced to tears as they gain a new understanding and appreciation of what they share. Sadly, some of the employees on the show report that they've previously never been thanked for their hard work.

The show got me thinking about my role as a pastor. I wish I could go undercover at my church. I'd love to be able to ...

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