"Recently I have become really confused about ministry," the email said.

It was from a pastor with 15 years of ministry experience. He said he was unsettled by the "wide variety of methods when it comes to shepherding and leading a church. Many have asked me, 'Are you more of a Willow, Piper, North Point, or something else?'"

Maybe you know the feeling. We pastors have this yearning to find some way to distill our work to its essence. If we could just bring an "aligned vision" to our unmotivated, ADD-addled churches then we wouldn't be so frayed around the edges and ministry wouldn't be so frustrating. And, of course, our churches would grow like Willows.

The pastor's email continued, "All the competing voices, needs in the church, and the tugs from within, have left me very confused about how to conduct a ministry that would honor Christ and love people. I have friends who are pastors who are praying, 'God show me who to shepherd.' Or 'Show me where to shepherd.' I have been praying, 'God, ...

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