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Did 2016 Expose America's (And the Church's) Fame Addiction?
The church should be providing a counter-cultural balance to our fame obsession. Instead, we're feeding into it.
Pivot: A Blog by Karl Vaters - Article
Church & CultureDecember 30, 2016. Did 2016 Expose America's (And the Church's) Fame Addiction? The church should be providing a counter-cultural
The Spiritual Roots of Addiction
Seth Haines talks about his battle with alcoholism and how leaders can help addicts find freedom.
Lent for Leaders
In our effort to help others observe the season, we can fail to consider what we need. - Article
Perhaps, you're battling an addiction of some kind that you haven't admitted, even to yourself. Or maybe you have deep-seated anger toward others or yourself.
Hollowed Out, Hallowed In
Leading during a time of personal trauma - Article
It involved my discovery of decades-long drug and alcohol abuse, addiction, and mental health disorders in an immediate family member. Addiction. Mental health disorders.
These Churches Fought Domestic Poverty with the Gospel
And It Worked
Burkhead recounted, “I honestly believe she had no idea how her addiction kept her from getting or keeping jobs, so the course provided that practical help by opening her up to the
Offer Support, Not Shame
10 Things I’ve Learned while Walking with Wives of Sexual Offenders - Article
Now is the time for raw and regular conversations about healthy sexuality, sexual addiction, and sexual sin. Now is the time to ramp up our best practices and protective policies.
Pastors in Recovery
Admitting an addiction has its risks ... and real ministry benefits.
What Tommy Taught Me
Our church’s walk with a homeless man marked us indelibly.
Particularly, as we share in the burdens of people living through homelessness, addiction, and absolute loneliness, we learn that we must love them not only in life but in death too.
The Spirituality of Slowing Down and Shutting Up
How do you connect with God in a society of perpetual noise and busyness?
The Church that Drinks Together
In our town, refusing to drink alcohol may be a bigger stumbling block than serving it.
In this context, perhaps it's no surprise that, in our small congregation, we have people with wine memberships and people who work at wineries. Some members brew their own beer.
Sacrificing the Body
Too many pastors are neglecting their physical health—and it's killing them.
How Pride Destroys Leadership, Part 2
I repeated Hezekiah’s mistakes—and learned the same lessons - Article
My intentions were to serve God with a pure heart and love people, but my actions were fed by underlying pride and approval addiction, producing artificial results.
6 Things I've Learned Hanging Out with Addicts
Stepping out to the margins blew up my ministry.
From Moralizing to Connection
XXXChurch's Steven Luff on how local churches can engage porn addiction.
When Sin Works
Manipulation and coercion can help you succeed in ministry, but the tradeoff is hell.
agenda. Our addiction to sin lies in its ability to give us exactly what we want. “You will be like God,” the serpent says. Ah yes, like God, but not with him.
Culture Clash
An Interview with David Platt
Surprised by Addiction
These ministers faced their compulsions""and stayed in ministry.
Leadership, the AA Way
Getting real and leading authentically - Article
sober life. Her appraisal of herself, both in addiction and recovery, was gut-level honest. Yet she possessed strength that gave her an almost regal air. A
My First Sexuality Sermon
Can I keep it biblical and interesting without becoming TOO interesting?
Where Lust Leads
One pastor's journey through sex addiction.
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