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Christy Tennant

Christy Tennant

Christy divides her time between serving as the Director of Engagement for "This Is Our City" and Director of Global Community for International Arts Movement, where she also hosts the IAM Conversations podcast. A New Yorker for over twelve years, Christy recently relocated to Seattle in search of the perfect cup of coffee.

New York, NY
A look at Staten Island one year after the storm.
New York, NY
Five Christians shaping their city of 8.3 million.
Phoenix, AZ
When other educators left for better salaries, Thom Olmstead chose to stay for his students.
St. Paul, Minnesota
Art House North is gathering musicians, photographers, and filmmakers to find 'a creative culture for the common good' of the Twin Cities.
New York City, NY; Philadelphia, PA
NYC artist Gene Schmidt brings the words of Zechariah and 1 Corinthians to two urban landscapes.
Denver, CO
For businessman James Reiner, hiring ex-cons is more than a mission of mercy. It's smart business.
Seattle, WA
Tim Soerens believes that contributing to the shalom of his city starts with showing up.
Charlottesville, VA
Three artists groups blur the sacred-secular divide in central Virginia.
North Little Rock, AR
River City Ministry teams with local mayors in the so-called 'meanest city to the homeless.'
Seattle, WA
Seattle's first classical Christian school hopes to train future generations of Jesus-loving city leaders.
Chicago, IL
As its founder transitions, Emmaus Ministries continues to serve male prostitutes in Chicago.


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