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Creativity is essential to the human experience. So what happens when arts and music become a victim of budget cuts? For Laura Streib this was a reality that was unacceptable.

Creating Young Artists

For Laura Streib, cuts to arts programs meant getting involved in Portland public schools.
Rethinking the $3,000 Missions Trip

Rethinking the $3,000 Missions Trip

When I learned that kids in my city couldn't swim, I started to rethink how much I'd invested in overseas missions.
Furniture Fit for the Kingdom

Furniture Fit for the Kingdom

For Harrison Higgins, building beautiful furniture is not simply a steady job but a sacrament unto God.
Faith in a Fallen Empire

Faith in a Fallen Empire

Detroit's list of maladies is long. But some Christians' commitment to its renewal is longer.
'Daddy, Why Do People Steal from Us?'

'Daddy, Why Do People Steal from Us?'

How I answered the question would prove crucial to addressing racial divides in our D.C. neighborhood.

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November 22, 2011  2:22pm

To sustainably create "young artists"... we need the finances to be able to do so. To take (via taxes) others money, in order to wisk their children away from them into a collectivist institution, for the purpose of teaching them artwork... is impractical. However, it does lift up the spirits, to know and practice art. One solution is to strengthen FAMILY ties, and FAMILY roots... and encourage the parents to have more authority, more responsibility, more involvement, in their child's artwork. Don't take "public funds" to do something like art. Instead, go directly to the parents and get them involved. The reason for the cutbacks, is because money from the working class is in short supply. So... strengthen the productivity and involvement of the working class. How? By strengthening FATHERHOOD, and refusing to sap the resources of the fathers all the while replacing them with a social safety net. Social safety nets will always run dry. But simple biology (fathers & mothers begetting) replenishes itself. Simple biology is "creative." I say, work with GOD's creative "system" rather than try to have a public system sap & usurp God's created order of headship and responsibility. The fathers need to lead their families, and mothers are natural nurturers and teachers. Nobody can replace them, or even come NEAR what they can do - if they are respected and nurtured in the ways of producing, protecting, and working for their own families. Kids are more HAPPY when their parents are together. Life is more CREATIVE when both sides of the gender divide respect each other, and are intimate with the children - as only a good father and mother can be. But to sap the working parents dry (via taxes) and to supplement/replace their activity by constantly drawing the kids away into an institutionalized, sanitary public setting... is not all that 'creative' toward the individual. It does not foster individuality. Individual TEACHERS can foster individuality, but they have to fight the system to do so. How many teachers can foster individuality in 20 kids per hour?


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