My Mixed Feelings about Ordination
How could I know if ordination was the right step for me?
My Mixed Feelings about Ordination
Image: trevorb687/Getty

“Just call me Dad.” That was the answer I always got as a child anytime I asked my dad about his job. I knew he worked at a Christian publishing company, but I didn’t really know what he did every day. “Just call me Dad” was enough to quiet my curiosity ...

How to Ask a Man to Mentor You
In light of #MeToo, some men are more reluctant than ever to mentor a woman.
How to Ask a Man to Mentor You
Image: Westend61/Getty

Thankfully, the #MeToo movement is pointing out the longtime abuses that powerful men have held over women. As women, we rejoice in the fact that justice is being served and look forward to a kinder future in which our dignity and safety are respected and, hopefully, even valued. ...

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