‘If Two Be One’

The thoughts of a devoted wife when her husband is away on business. /

Anne Bradstreet arrived in Massachusetts in 1630, at age 18, having married Simon Bradstreet just a couple of years earlier in England. With him, she raised a large family in Boston. During her rare moments of leisure, she wrote poetry, which was eventually published with one of those longish 17th-century titles that begins, The Tenth Muse Lately Sprung up from America . . . . Her poetry shows, as one author put it, “that the female Puritan ...

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Issue 10 / November 27, 2014
  1. Editors’ Note
  2. Deadly, Healing Medicine

    I had to ingest poison if I hoped to live. /

  3. A More Genuine Sympathy

    Our hope is particular, personal, and unapologetically material. /

  4. Mystery at the Heart of Life

    The secret life of cells /

  5. Wonder on the Web

    Links to amazing stuff

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