Editors’ Note

One web site notes that 92,000 or so articles are published each day. Huffington Post alone publishes 1,200 each day, and Forbes a “mere” 400 daily. Another web site says that every day an additional 2 million blog posts are published. It calculates that is enough to fill Time magazine for 770 years.

One might argue with these stats, pushing them up or down by 10, 20, or even 50 percent. No matter the final numbers, we all instinctively know we cannot possibly read everything that was published yesterday, let alone last year. Given the speed of life today, we fail to see, let alone read, a colossal amount of fascinating, inspiring, thought-provoking material—articles, blogs, and videos that could make one’s mouth drop open and one’s heart rise in praise.

This is both an explanation and an invitation — send us anything you think might be fodder for The Behemoth

Here The Behemoth steps in. While traditional media are rightly anxious to produce only fresh content (take Christianity Today, for example), The Behemoth is anxious to feature great work no matter its date of origin. Even if it’s a year old. Or 10 years old—or 500. We’re committed to offering fresh content when it passes unscathed through our editorial grid. But we also try to curate the best ideas we’ve run across—not just this last month, but in the last few decades or centuries. If it helps us stand amazed at the goodness of God and his creation, it’s game for us to publish.

One example in this issue is “Feasting on Love and Beauty,” which has been adapted from an article in Creator magazine. We encourage you go to the site to read more, in fact.

This is both an explanation and an invitation: Send us links to articles, blog posts, book reviews—anything you think might be fodder for The Behemoth. Don’t assume that because you’ve read it, everyone has. Not in this day and age.

—Mark Galli

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Issue 7 / October 16, 2014
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