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He Who Has Eyes to See (or Hasn’t), Let Him See

We aim to communicate wonder through the written word, but we try to experience it with other senses as well—auditory included. We’re especially excited about a new podcast from NPR: Invisibilia, which focuses on science, narrative, and “the invisible forces that control human behavior.” Their premiere on This American Life makes a provocative claim about blindness: ...

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Issue 16 / February 19, 2015
  1. Editors’ Note
  2. Are Butterflies a New Creation After All?

    Their metamorphosis has inspired spiritual metaphors and biological debate for centuries. /

  3. George Whitefield, Divine Matchmaker

    The revivalist preached, ‘Come and be married to Christ’—and sparked the Great Awakening. /

  4. Thy Maker is thy Husband

    The 18th-century poem on union with Christ that became George Whitefield’s favorite metaphor. /

  5. If C.S. Lewis Met E.T.

    Scientists and theologians on the possibility of extraterrestrial life. /

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