If there were no God, man would have to invent one. For without God man and life become meaningless. If there is no God, man is a biological animal one step removed from the beast. He is caught in the whirlpool of existence, cast about by blind chance. He knows not where he came from or where he is going. He peers out into a world that has no purpose; he lifts his eyes to a sun that blinds him and he huddles in a darkness that offers him no protection from a multitude of enemies.

Without God, man must look to himself. Looking to himself he accumulates possessions. But possessions bring him no final comfort, and as death’s cold hand reaches for his mortal soul he discovers that he must leave the world as he entered it—with nothing.

Without God man crawls from hovel or mansion at the break of day to search after power, by which he hopes to improve his lot and dominate nature and other men. As he gains it, he feels strong, and he glories in what power can do for him. He rejoices that the powerless are subject to his whims and pitilessly exploits others for his own benefit. He plays the role of a god made in his own image. But the time always comes when his power corrupts him, when infirmity overtakes him, when younger and more vigorous aspirants challenge what he can no longer protect. Even if he manages to hold on until the grave closes over his wasted frame, he finds to his chagrin that power does not solve the riddle of life. There is a void that power cannot fill. Something, he knows not what, continues to elude him; the fulfillment he yearns for escapes him. And in the sleepless moments of some long night he sees himself in a naked aloneness that his blankets cannot cover. Power does not bring peace.

Without God man works ...

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