A Controversial Film

With his new feature-length film, Wired to Kill, Christian author and filmmaker Franky Schaeffer has ventured into the secular arena. The science-fiction movie has been shown in two test markets and will soon be distributed nationwide.

Because of its violence and implied theme of revenge, Wired to Kill will likely raise a few eyebrows among Christians. Set in the future, the film revolves around a Christian family living in a society in which law and order has disintegrated. The family is regularly victimized by a brutal motorcycle gang. Finally, the teenage son realizes the authorities are powerless and decides to take things into his own hands. With his girlfriend’s help, the boy rigs up a number of remote-control devices intended to shoot or bomb the gang out of existence.

Paul McGuire, executive producer of Wired to Kill, said the film’s message—that an individual can stand up and make a difference—is both Christian and important. “After all,” he said, “the Christian message is whatever is true.”

However, Terry Lindvall, film professor at CBN University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, said the movie’s “might-makes-right” message “owes more to Nietzsche than to Jesus.” Lindvall also called the film’s scripting “poor” and its continuity “sloppy.”


Reaction to a Lawsuit

In an open letter, Christian author and psychologist James Dobson has criticized the government’s handling of a lawsuit filed against him and the other members of the recently disbanded Attorney General’s Commission on Pornography.

In the suit, Playboy magazine objected to a letter authorized by the pornography ...

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