CHRISTIANITY TODAY asked Sharon E. Mumper, associate director of the Evangelical Missions Information Service, to interview Mosley about worldwide health sendees and how Christians can bring health care to those who most need it.

What is the state of health of the world’s population?

The life expectancy in most African countries is less than 55 years. In some countries, like Burkina Faso, it is barely above 45 years. In Thailand, life expectancy approaches 60 years. In China it is 68 or 69 years, while in the United States it is 76 years.

In most African countries, 15 to 25 percent of the children will die in the first five years of life. In some places only 50 percent reach the age of five. An estimated 15 to 17 million of the world’s children under the age of five die each year from preventable diseases. International health agencies are spearheading a major effort to immunize 85 percent of the world’s children by 1990.

What is the key issue in international health?

Declining resources hamper the ability of governments to effectively deliver health services. The global economic picture, including massive foreign debts, has forced governments to restructure their economies and budgets to limit imports and expand export industries. Many developing countries have severely cut their health budgets.

How have government health officials responded to budget reductions?

Only a few governments have dealt effectively with the problem. They need to analyze the impact of various options on the health of society and assess priorities. Previously, they did not have to consider priorities. They just added hospitals and health centers from year to year without considering the impact on the health of society as a whole. In a ...

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